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Missy Bosch Studio - handmade gifts and jewelry

Welcome to Missy Bosch Studio

This has been an exciting new journey for us! In 2019, the laser cutting studio Missy was working for relocated out of state. Turning difficulty into opportunity, she purchased her own laser and began renovations on her building that now houses her private studio, and Missy Bosch Studio was launched the day before Thanksgiving, 2019. She’s both grateful and excited to be working on her own designs full time.

She creates handcrafted, laser cut jewelry, gifts, home decor pieces, handmade books and bookbinding tools. Missy frequently works on handmade gaming-inspired art with her daughter, who cosplays under the name Lexiepants. She takes great pleasure in collaboration and produces a variety of custom work.

Missy has future plans to teach classes on bookbinding and laser cutting to help others achieve their artistic visions.

Meet Missy Bosch Studio

We've got some exciting things in the works! Being brand new and all, we’ve got a ton of new designs set to come out, so stay tuned! If you’re in the Houston area, there are a few in-person events where you can see Missy and her work, and we hope to see you there!

In blue and green text on a white background the words "Arts in the park" with green leaves and the words "The Woodlands" below it

Arts in the Park Rob Fleming Park, The Woodlands Saturday, March 14, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. 

Three book covers that have been made into boxes are featured - one in green print with a yellow spine standing up to see that it is hollow inside, and two lying on their sides. One is a gold geometric print and one is a cream color with the words "Secret Stash" written on it in blue.

Learn how to turn old books into functional and attractive usable boxes! Register here!

The background is mauve and the text is stacked on the left. It says "Save the date" in red script On the next line is "for Heartmade Market" in red and black. "at main street square in the heart of downtown houston" is listed on the next line, also in red and black. Directly below that is the text "Saturday April 25" in red script. The next line says "with our event partner" in black with the Downtown District logo underneath. The Downtown District logo includes geometric mutli-colored squares and in black. The whole right side of the photo is a repeating geometric triangle pattern in pastel colors with a red heart over it.

Saturday, April 25, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Custom Designs by Missy Bosch Studio

Have an idea for a project? Missy Bosch Studio can help you bring it to life. You bring your inspiration--we’ll supply the technical know-how to bring it into the world. We can create handmade designs on wood, acrylic, leather, cardboard, and more. Need gift tags or product tags for business? Wall signs, hanging signs, or display stands? Email us to get started!

Cheers y'all,

"Missy" is a written in handwriting in a blue-green color on a transparent background. It is her signature.

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