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Who is Missy Bosch Studio?


Missy Bosch has a fondness for pop culture and an appreciation for the past. When others see cast-off items at the end of their usefulness, Missy sees art--and gives things a new life in the process. Her early work focused on found art collage and assemblage, which led to her pursuing her BFA in Sculpture from the University of Houston.


Combined with her fascination with ephemera, this led to her interest in book art, including creating a hand-made book that is on on permanent exhibition at the UH Library’s Special Collections Rare Books Collection. She is also an active member of the  Houston Book Arts Guild and now produces tools to aid other bookbinders.


Missy’s Houston roots run deep. She’s owned a downtown building since the 90’s, which was recently renovated and now houses her private studio. She loves the Astros and carries an atlas of Houston in her head, complete with routes that avoid train crossings and school zones. 


What does Missy Bosch Studio do?


With her own space in the heart of the city she loves, she’s proud to bring her designs to life at Missy Bosch Studio and creates handcrafted, laser cut jewelry, gifts, home decor pieces, handmade books and bookbinding tools. 


Missy frequently works on gaming-inspired art with her daughter, who cosplays under the name Lexiepants. She takes great pleasure in collaboration and produces a variety of custom work


Missy has future plans to teach classes on bookbinding and laser cutting to help others achieve their artistic visions.

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